Professional Development Organization




Mass Meeting

Wednesday, January 27th | 8-9pm EST | Link to Zoom

Attendance Highly Recommended

Come learn about PGN and our recruiting process!

Speed Dating

Session 1 & 2: Friday, Jan. 29th | 5-7pm EST | Link to Hopin

Session 3 & 4: Tuesday, Feb. 2nd | 7-9pm EST | Link to Hopin

Attendance Required (Sessions are 1 hour - attend one only)

Get to know our members one-on-one through interactive speed dating!

DEI Event

Sunday, January 31st | 3-4pm EST | Link to Zoom

Attendance Optional

Talk with us about the importance of diversity in PGN, business, and our community!

Application Office Hours

Sunday, January 31st | 6-8pm EST | Link to Zoom

Attendance Optional

Get help with your application due on Tuesday, February 2nd at 11:59pm!

Application Due

Tuesday, February 2nd | 11:59pm EST | Apply Here


Team Building

Thursday, February 4th - Friday, February 5th

Invite Only

Coffee Chats

Saturday, February 6th - Wednesday, February 10th

Invite only

Final Interview

Thursday, February 11th - Friday, February 12th

Invite only


PGN provides a community on campus that is fully dedicated to helping you reach your full potential. Our diverse, passionate members share a family-like bond and genuinely enjoy spending time together. In addition, our large alumni network, private networking sessions, and workshops provide a competitive edge and develop valuable skills for U-M students looking to pursue a career in business.

Not at all! From its inception, PGN has embraced diversity in thought, opinion and major. It is one of our many advantages to other student organizations. We have brothers representing over 8 schools within the University of Michigan as we explore how business connects all areas of study. We want to hear your voice and your perspective, not the status quo. So bring your full self!

Your first semester in PGN is a time for growth and professional development. We like to compare it to a 3 credit-hour class. Each week, you meet with older members of the organization to learn about different industries and sharpen both your technical and interpersonal skills.You will build a lifelong bond with your new member class to bond as you prepare for and explore various career options.

Just as with our belief in majors, we believe that there is no mold for a typical brother in PGN. There is no expectation for you to already know every aspect of the professional fields, but good business acumen is beneficial. We want to see your interest in how you can change the business world for the better, as well as a genuine commitment to the brotherhood.

No! Many of our brothers have rushed multiple times before receiving a bid. As our application process becomes more competitive, we implore you to consider again if you did not receive a bid your first time participating in recruitment.

If you cannot attend a required event, please contact the recruitment chairs at so we can find an equitable solution or alternative. For optional events, we encourage you to attend as many events as your schedule allows but not attending will not inhibit your candidacy through the requirement process. That being said, attending our events will allow you to meet and network with our members, understand the culture of our organization and see how you would fit into PGN!